Hi folks!
Hope your weekend is treating you well so far😊 .First and foremost, thank you so much for all the class donations! A few announcements/reminders for the week:
  • Students will begin lining up at the black top tomorrow 8/2. Our class will line up at #41. This is the same spot they line up at after recess and for fire drills.
  • Homework is due on Mondays.
  • Water fountains on campus have been made accessible to students now. However, I strongly encourage students to continue to bring their own and to not drink from the fountain, but rather use it to refill their bottle.
  • Many students have been requesting to use the restroom during instruction time. Please remind students to use the restroom before school (ideally before they lineup) and during their recess time as this does impact their learning. Furthermore, we are required to have students log their in and out times when leaving the classroom. I am noticing a pattern with certain students consistently using the restroom, and I will be reaching out to those parents to consider scheduling an appointment with their pediatrician to ensure bladder is functioning properly.

Level Set

Hello Families,
I hope you are enjoying your 3-day weekend. Tomorrow during our English Language Arts block students will be taking an assessment to determine their individual reading level. Please review the video attached for your child to receive an accurate result.
We will begin at about 9:15am-11:00am. This is a lengthy assessment. It is imperative that students answer all questions to the best of their abilities without the assistance of any adult or sibling. Achieve3000, the program that will be assessing, does use time as a factor to gauge students Lexile level. If students are moving too quickly or too slowly (daydreaming or dozing off) the student will be flagged and need to take the assessment again.
As always please feel free to email with any questions or concerns.

Welcome to the 2020-2021 school year!


I am Ms. Ingco and I will be your child’s 4th grade teacher this year!

Welcome to the 2020-21 school year and our new adventure of distance learning! While distance learning looks and feels different from in-person instruction, the program we have developed will ensure that our students continue to meet the learning benchmarks in all disciplines. The Camarena fourth grade team has worked together to develop plans that are meaningful, enjoyable, and relevant for all of our students!  As we begin this new phase, please follow the list below to get started:

  1. Use this link to fill out our parent information form.
  2. Download the Teams app to your desktop or device – it’s much user friendly when you use the app!
  3.  Have your child watch this video and practice signing into their Teams account to prepare for Monday.
  4.  Watch the “Back to School” video for fourth grade HERE(FYI this video is in lieu of having a back to school/curriculum night).

Students will begin each school day at 8:15 and will need to log into Microsoft Teams for our live Morning Meeting. Your child can find join our meetings by clicking on the meeting in their calendar (on the far-left column) or finding the link on the general page.  

**If your child doesn’t know their 6-digit I.D. (same one they have had since kindergarten), please send me an e-mail and I can provide that information for you. 

The state requirement is that all 4th-6th grade students spend 240 minutes (4 hours) each day in learning activities.  This will be a combination of both:

  • Synchronous: Live daily instruction, whole, small groups, and one on one sessions with the teacher
  • Asynchronous: activities through websites, paper and pencil work, or pre-recorded video instruction

*Please note that the first week of school daily live interaction with teachers will be no more than 2 hours and those hours may consist of whole group, small group and individual connections. 

As we delve into this learning adventure together we are bound to run into some technical difficulties along the way. Your flexibility and patience are greatly appreciated! I will see your child at our Teams meeting at 8:15 on Monday morning. I am looking forward to a great school year!


All my best,

Ms. Ingco





Military Services

Good afternoon, Camarena Military Families!

As mentioned on the school blog, it has been approved for the Military Counselor (MFLC) to temporarily provide virtual counseling services. This is very exciting news since it allows our military counselor, Mrs. Sienna, to continue to provide services to our families at this crucial time!

This is Ms. Sienna’s schedule:

She is available for phone consults M-F 8:00am -8:00p.m.

Scheduling a family session or registering for an upcoming group is easy, just give her a quick call.

She is offering fun, family virtual counseling sessions M-F by appointment.

She is also providing a 6th grade military farewell group 12-1:00 pm on Friday, May 15th and Friday, May 22. Call her to reserve your spot today!

Many of you are quite busy, so she is also scheduling an ongoing quick check in with Private Bob at an open Zoom meeting offered M-Th 12-1:00 pm. For details, reach out to our military counselor, Sienna Ambrose, at 619-372-1655.


Dr. McLaren, Principal

Ms. Valdivia, Associate Principal

Work Packet Alternative

Hello families,

The district has provided Distance Learning Instructional Packets for students. Please note, that this is an alternative not an addition to the assignments posted on Google Classroom. CLICK HERE to download and/ or print the work packet.

Info. from Dr. McLaren


Just wanted to relay few messages from Dr. McLaren.

  • If your child needs a device to complete their school work, please contact their teacher so that she can put her/his name on the list. Devices will be distributed Friday May 1 from 3pm-5pm.
  • There is no plan to distribute students’ belongings at this time.
  • Teachers are no longer permitted to make home deliveries to students.
  • Spring pictures will be mailed to current family address on file. If address has changed please contact our school secretary Maria Ponce (maria.ponce@cvesd.org)
  • Please notify Maria Ponce if your child is NOT returning for the following 2020-2021 school year.
  • Yearbooks will be distributed first week of June.


Additional Reading Source

Info provided by our awesome librarian, Rachel Murphy!

FYI – The expiration time for the E Books is June 30th.

Below are more instructions for logging in to get free E Books.


 Your login credentials are:
  1. Go to destinydiscover.com.
  2. In the Location box, it says “Any Location.” Do not change.
  3. In the School box, enter
    Follett eLearning, McHenry, IL” and click Go!
  4. To log in, click on the “Log In” button at the top right of the screen.
Username: guest

Password: follett